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Steve Victorson's Services - Based on deep water workouts

  1. Injury recovery and mobility improvement programs 
    • Knee and hip osteoarthritis
    • Pre-hip and knee surgery preparation
    • Post-physical therapy (PPT) for hip and knee replacement
    • Mobility recovery from mild to moderate muscle and joint injuries
    • Lower back pain
  2. 50-Plus general fitness
    • Maintain mobility and fitness later in life
  3. Sport movement training
    • Specializing in skiing, figure skating, golf, running and traithlon
    • Targeted for individual sports specific fitness and movement
    • Optional intensive conditioning workouts
    • Injury recovery and return to sport
    • Hip or Knee mobility and strengthening 
  4. Youth athletics
    • Injury recovery
    • Off season conditioning training
  5. Water exercise workshops for personal trainers, conditioning coaches and health club programming.
    • Increase your income and the effectiveness and variety of your programs.
    • Bring the Swymfit® approach to your health club or to your personal training and conditioning programs.
  6. Workshops
  7. Keynote speaker