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Steve Victorson's Services

  1. Private, targeted water-based exercise classes for general fitness, sports fitness, weight loss, knee osteoarthritis, back pain and injury recovery.
  • 3 Month program- Meet 1-3 days per week for 1 hour.
  • 1 Day per week
  • 2 Days per week
  • 3 Days per week
  1. Specialty Skill Development Packages
  • Targeted for individual sports specific fitness and movement, or injury recovery
  • These packages are designed to give you the basic skills and freedom to work on your own.
  • Start in packages of 3 sessions. Sample programs include: 
  • Ski Fitness and Golf Mobility.
  • Hip or Knee mobility and strengthening.
  • $350.00 per package
  1. Water exercise workshops for personal trainers, conditioning coaches and health club programming.
  • Increase your income and the effectiveness and variety of your programs.
  • Bring the Swymfit® approach to your health club or to your personal training and conditioning programs.
  1. Coaching and Youth Sports
  • Research-based presentations for age group coaches on various aspects of the athlete developmental process.
  • Working with young athletes to develop their fitness and movement skills.