Sports Performance Training

Improve your performance through a program of deep water exercise and land based agility drills. Whether you are a weekend warrior, an elite athlete or a school aged sports participant you will benefit.

Movement IQTM 

  • Develop agility to perform movements required in your sport.
  • These programs will help you to develop the required fitness and movement skills to compete in your sport or to enjoy an active weekend warrior lifestyle.

Develop edge skills 

  • Agility and fluidity of complex movements.
  • Identify complex movements that provide advantages in your sport and practice them injury-free in water.
  • Through my research on champion athletes and coaches, I have identified that edge skills are needed to improve your chances of becoming a champion.

Peak performance 

  • Increase conditioning and endurance to maximum peak levels.
  • Through properly designed water exercise routines, I will help you to reach higher levels of conditioning and endurance than you can get from land only.

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