Movement and Aging

Maintaining mobility is critical for living an active and healthy life. Whatever your goals: skiing or playing tennis, hiking or golfing, climbing stairs or gardening, your ability to move is key.

Individuals who wish to improve or maintain their fitness

  • Water-based exercise is a step up from land-only health and fitness training.
  • Work more effectively on your full body strength and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Improve your core strength, balance and coordination.
  • Take advantage of increased agility in your everyday life.

Overweight and out-of-shape

  • Water is your friend and enables you to reach a base level of fitness.
  • Water takes the stress off your joints and you can work harder than on land in an injury-free, friendly environment.
  • Develop greater endurance so that you can handle everyday physical tasks more easily.

Individuals with mobility limiting chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis

  • Maintaining strength and mobility is a priority.
  • Program designed to strengthen affected joints to maintain ability to continue desired activities.
  • Water allows for pain-free movement and assists in maintaining range of motion and full body coordinated movement.

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