Injury Recovery

Regain your confidence, move pain-free and return to your activities prior to having surgery.

Having the right post-surgery exercise program is critical to the healing process.

I will help you regain the physical capacity and the confidence to return to your previous activity levels or to the highest level that your surgery allows.

You will participate in a program designed to strengthen the joint/injury area and improve your range of motion.

In the water, this starts by moving pain free and then slowly strengthening the joint/injury area. The water removes the compressive forces on the joints allowing for the affected joint(s), surrounding muscles and the entire body to move through a full and coordinated range of motion.

The water also greatly reduces the chance for re-injury.

By making the recovery program a total body, movement oriented process the return to pre-surgery/injury activities is most efficient.

I will also work with your physical therapist, should any questions arise during the transition back to full activity.

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