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Knee surgery, the latest techniques and questions to ask

If you have worn out knees and have recently had knee surgery, reading this article should give you hope that one of the most important joints in your body can be repaired, but frustrated as so many options remain unavailable and/or very costly. If you are considering knee surgery, be prepared to ask questions regarding the type of surgery that you will receive. Perhaps even bring in a copy of Dr. Stone's article to discuss with your doctor. Having a better understanding of your surgery will help improve your outcome.

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Sport and physical fitness for your child must be fun.

The fitness and athletic experiences that your child has when young set the tone for an active and potentially a sports-oriented future.  Our experiences during youth have very powerful influences on how we live as adults.  This is especially true in sport and physical activity.

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Naomi Osaka Won, Serena Williams Lost and the fans during the awards ceremony were rude

Whether or not Serena was being coached or not from the stands, she lost and Naomi Osaka won. Serena, one of the greatest champions in the sport was unquestionably beaten by her opponent. The fact that the referee made some controversial calls are part of the sport and Serena let these calls get the best of her emotions and subsequently, she lost.

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Staying competitive and participating in sport as you age

In his recent article titled; How Tiger Woods has played himself into a corner, ESPN sportswriter Bob Harig brings up a simple, yet powerful question that every athlete or participant in sport needs to ponder and answer. "How do you balance the need to prepare with the need to rest and recuperate?"

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