What Use Water?

"You can work hard and feel good, while still getting yourself strong and healthy"

Water exercise is versatile. You can work in deep or shallow water:

non-weight bearing to moderate weight bearing. You can use the water for injury recovery, pre or post joint surgery exercise and a variety of other medical conditions as well as general health and fitness. Water exercise can and should be used to help prepare your body for every level of sport and athletic endeavor.

Deep water exercise puts your body in a state of suspension, allowing you complete freedom of movement. Deep water exercise is relaxing and helps to reduce stress throughout your body.

Shallow water exercise is the perfect environment to develop power and strength without excessive joint stress or balance and coordination without the fear of falling.

Adding a properly designed water exercise program to your regular land routine will help you to reach higher levels of health and fitness than land training alone.

Benefits of Water Exercise

  • Improved circulation and heart function
  • Improved respiratory system efficiency (stronger lungs)
  • Low to no impact on your joints
  • Increased blood flow to your muscles
  • Pain free range of motion for joints and muscles
  • Develop confidence and movement after having a stroke
  • Move without fear of falling with MS and other neurological conditions
  • An alternative environment for the development of:
    • Balance
    • Coordination
    • Flexibility or Range of Motion
    • Strength
    • Endurance
    • Power
    • Speed
  • Faster return to sport or full activity after being injured
  • Efficient - Recover faster from aggressive land training sessions
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle toning

From the injured to the non-injured, to those with a physical impairment or movement limiting illness, to those in search of general fitness or the highest levels of sport, a properly designed water program will improve the outcome.

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