We have just one body, why not keep it working and tuned up for a lifetime of movement and activity?

What is your plan for your body? We are all trained to go to school to study and develop our minds and intellect and practical skills so that we can be better and more productive workers, but what about our bodies? Do you have a long-term body development plan?

Do you have a regular exercise schedule or at the very least a get up from your desk and move your body routine in place? Together these are powerful tools for better health. Separately, the benefits of either are muted, but still much better than doing nothing. There is a negative impact from sitting all day, even when you start the day with a strong workout. Best to work out in the morning and get up and move around the office every hour or so.

The aging process is relentless and with the current research on healthy aging, doing nothing to offset this process is wrong. Each one of us should create a daily plan for better health. Start with getting up from the desk and moving and then eventually find the time to do a focused exercise routine.

I realize that for many people, finding time at work is a challenge, but to succeed in healthy aging one simply must have a change of mindset. Does your boss know that exercise results in fewer sick days, greater productivity and an overall improved bottom line? Do you really think that your boss wants you unhealthy and strapped to your desk all day? I would argue that any boss who does not allow for some kind of daily activity should be called before the HR board of his or her company and charged with employee mistreatment. I would also argue that the employee who does not assert themselves is equally negligent and guilty of personal mistreatment.

I cannot say which is worse, a boss that will not allow you to get up and move or a negligent employee who chooses to sit, but I can say that change comes from the individual. If you do not stand up for a healthy workday, don’t blame the boss. You are in control and the evidence is clear, regular movement during the day along with increasing your heart rate and doing regular strength training improves your health.

It is time to put together a plan to slow down the aging process and make yourself feel better. If your work environment is overwhelming, I suggest going to your boss and work on a movement plan for yourself. It will make you healthier, happier and more productive.

If you have gotten to the bottom of this blog, please send me a response and let me know what prevents you from doing regular exercise. As with any exercise, program check with your doctor to ensure that you are okay to exercise.

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