Too much of a good thing - Cycling as your only activity

Cycling, can be something fun to do alone or with family and friends or it can be an obsessive timed event from start to finish.

I know that when I ride the indoor trainer, I watch very closely the watts, speed and heart rate. I have specific goals and am not satisfied if I fall short. My friends who ride their road bikes are similarly obsessed. While a finishing a ride and meeting goals and expectations certainly feels good it is not enough for your overall health.

Thus, if cycling is your only exercise modality you should consider adding a balanced cross-training program, even if it means a day off the bike. Try deep water pool exercise, full body strength training using a variety of modalities or yoga. The good news about such programs is that they do not need to be aerobically intensive as most certainly the average road cyclist is getting more than enough base level aerobic training on a weekly basis. A good cross training program for cyclists should focus on all of the positions, movements and muscles that are missed when only cycling. You do not need to become an expert in these other modalities, but they should be added to your weekly checklist.

If you are looking to add deep water pool exercise or a land based program to your routine, I am available both in person and remotely to assist you with such program.

In the link below, Kevin Stone, MD comments further on a cyclists obsession with cycling.

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