Tom Brady, coaching and teammates - Winning requires more than individual talent

As I was watching the Jim Nantz wrap up interview with Tom Brady after the Patriots victory over the Chiefs, I was struck by what Tom Brady said to his offensive coordinator before starting overtime.

“I looked at Josh and I said, ‘You got any touchdown plays on that call sheet still?” He said, ‘Yes, I do,”

How can any team beat an organization with an athlete as skilled and confident as Tom Brady and a coach who is essentially prepared for any possible scenario? With the New England Patriots every coach is as prepared as the players for which they are responsible. This type of preparation allows the players to focus on execution and the moment. It builds confidence and virtually eliminates all distractions.

In the ski racing world, a ski racer must be able to stand in the starting gate and know that the skis were prepared properly and that the training program eliminated any technical or tactical weaknesses. Like Tom Brady standing behind the center waiting for the snap, a ski racer must be able to stand in the starting gate and in that moment be ready and only focused on execution. There can be no other thoughts or distractions.

The road to victory requires a support team as talented and as dedicated as the athletes. Coaches and support staff have an enormous influence on the individual and team performance. If you are a coach or thinking about becoming a coach, researching and studying the Patriots system should be on the top of your to-do list.

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