Tiger's win at the Chevron World Golf Challenge

Tiger Woods, after working extremely hard on his game and injury recovery won at the end of the 2011 golf season in the Chevron World Golf Challenge at the Sherwood Country Club.

He won with a birdie on each of the final holes, making putts that easily could have missed the cup. Yet, the media questioned the depth of his competition and their desire to win. Some columns even suggested that because the purse was so big that the motivation of all golfers was low.

Tiger Wood's victory, unlike some in the media suggested was significant. It does not matter whether there are 18 competitors or 180 competitors - 11 out of the top 25 or the entire top 25, winning is winning. In the attempts to minimize his victory, the general media missed the primary significance of this end of season victory. At a time when it is easy to lose focus, Tiger won. He again showed his mental strength and tenacity.

Further not only did Tiger win at the end of a season, he also won by working relentlessly on his game and on his fitness. Most competitors would have faded from the scene, given the daunting task that Tiger faced. His home life changed, one can only assume much self questioning, injury and a new golf swing. Every aspect of his competitive environment needed work. The system that had allowed him to become one of golf's greatest champions fell apart.

Tiger's victory was significant, but like any victory or any past event it is now irrelevant. Once the post competition analysis is complete, all that matters in the mind of a champion is the next event.

While everyone will take a paycheck, the media forgets that champions are driven by victory.

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