Staying competitive and participating in sport as you age

In his recent article titled; How Tiger Woods has played himself into a corner, ESPN sportswriter Bob Harig brings up a simple, yet powerful question that every athlete or participant in sport needs to ponder and answer. "How do you balance the need to prepare with the need to rest and recuperate?"

For the aging athlete, this question takes on an even greater urgency as with age there is less room for error. An aging body recovers more slowly than a younger body and without proper recovery the chances for a poor performance or unnecessary injury increase. Balancing practice with a lifetime of wear and tear on the body is a real challenge, especially if winning is the goal.  

At the moment,  Tiger Woods is in the process of learning how to prepare to win and at the same time not overwork his recovering back. 

“What I’m trying to figure out is how much to practice,” Woods said after an opening-round 1-over-par 72 at the Dell Technologies Championship on Friday. (Harig, ESPN 8/31/2018).

For Tiger to have the confidence and skill to consistently win again, he will have to figure out his preparation routine. For those of us who are aging and who simply want to continue participating in our desired sport or physical activity, we must answer the same question.

What are you doing to compete or participate in sport successfully throughout your lifespan?

[Tiger Woods needed to play competitive events but now is he playing too much as the FedEx Cup playoffs really get going](

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