Sport and physical fitness for your child must be fun.

The fitness and athletic experiences that your child has when young set the tone for an active and potentially a sports-oriented future.  Our experiences during youth have very powerful influences on how we live as adults.  This is especially true in sport and physical activity.

In fact, according to my research (Victorson, 1999), a key element that underlies any successful youth fitness or sports program is fun. While the definition of fun changes, over time from participation is fun to reaching goals and achievement as being fun, without an enjoyable participation level it is questionable as to whether a child will ever aspire to pursue a sport or even stay physically active.

To make all of this work requires a program with fun stated in its mission statement.  Consider the following statement: “ELITEAM” Conditioning Camps are designed to make young athletes stronger, faster, healthier and more confident - all while having fun!”

For those of you who have never heard of these camps, I urge you to give them a try.  For those of you who already know Doug and are familiar with his camps, your kids are lucky.

[Eliteam Sports Conditioning Camps in Vermont and Utah, ages 8-14](

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