Respect & Teamwork

After helping the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup, star goalie Tim Thomas decided not to attend the traditional White House celebration for the champion team. Instead he chose to make a political statement.

Like any US Citizen, he has the right to do and say what he pleases as long as the law is being followed.

Alternatively, he could have exercised his right to stand above politics and his personal point of view to attend the White House ceremony with his teammates. At the moment, this country is full of people exercising their rights to stand up and voice their political opinions. Tim Thomas might have considered that solutions to large and complicated problems generally come from a team effort. This would have been a more powerful message.

Or maybe he could have simply considered that the office of the President deserves respect. We are all responsible for the strength of our country and undercutting our President certainly does not build a strong country.

Maybe what this country actually needs is the reminder that we are all on the same team. As a star goalie on a championship team, Tim Thomas clearly understands the value of teamwork.

If Tim Thomas wants to inspire those who enjoy sport to live by their convictions and to be fearless in their efforts to succeed, he should speak with his actions on the ice and through charity. What this country does not need is yet another individual voicing an opinion that fuels the fires of selfishness and individualism which are now dividing our country.

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