Naomi Osaka Won, Serena Williams Lost and the fans during the awards ceremony were rude

Whether or not Serena was being coached or not from the stands, she lost and Naomi Osaka won. Serena, one of the greatest champions in the sport was unquestionably beaten by her opponent. The fact that the referee made some controversial calls are part of the sport and Serena let these calls get the best of her emotions and subsequently, she lost.

As for the coach saying that he was coaching her from the stands and that it is something that everyone does, is wrong and is not an excuse. Tennis does not allow a coach to coach from the stands and those are the rules. If this is, in fact, a problem, it is my opinion, then that all tennis coaches should be banished from the stadiums and told to watch their athletes compete from a special stadium viewing room. Until or if the tennis association changes the rules, victory or defeat on the tennis court should only be decided on the court and not by a coach in the stands. Therefore any coach caught coaching should be reprimanded with equal severity.

The most challenging variable at any athletic competition is the spectator. It is unfortunate that this first-time major champion, who just beat her tennis idol was not given the total respect and cheering that she deserved and earned. The booing and lack of class and decorum displayed by the fans at the start of the awards ceremony stood out in stark contrast to what happened next on the court.  After a frustrating loss, Serena’s standing next to her opponent and supporting her as the crowds booed at the start of the awards ceremony gave everyone in that stadium a lesson in civility, decency, and sportsmanship.

In her victory, Naomi deserved and earned praise for her efforts. As for the misguided fans and their inappropriate behavior, I hope that a lesson was learned. On the other hand, this is also a lesson for Naomi, life at the top is not always easy and should she continue winning, there will be many more hurdles and challenging moments in her path.  As for now, she is the US Open Champion, a title that is hers forever.

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