Mindset matters, with respect to success in exercise and diet

A great piece of research that suggests that we are more than just a machine driven by our genetic makeup. Our mindsets not only matter but can even impact our physiology. 

In this piece of research, it was found that subjects who were told that they had an increased genetic risk to responding poorly to exercise, but in fact did not have this risk actually responded poorly.

This study also included research on the gene governing how full we feel when eating and found similar results. People who were told that they had the gene which made them feel less full, felt less full than the people who were told that they were genetically predisposed to feel more full. Further, the corresponding hormones were triggered in the people who were told that they had the gene which told them that they were full.

This piece of research suggests that with respect to diet and exercise mindset also matters, which means that it is actually possible to learn and improve. That while our genes certainly play a role in our lives, progress is possible. 

In any case, as the researches note much more research is needed that analyzes the impact of mindset on genetic information.



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