Learning from a Champion - Effort

The effort given by the greatest champions in sport to become the very best – to win - is massive.  In fact, the effort is so demanding that it and not athleticism or physical prowess is ultimately the separating factor for those who always seem to end up on top. For the very best, supreme athletic talent is a given, but talent only opens the door and the possibility for greatness.

While interviewing one of the most successful ski racers of his generation, whose name is known throughout the skiing and sport world whether or not I could reference his name he said no. When I asked him why he told me that the decision to go down the champion’s path must be a personal choice and that it should come from a deep internal desire. The individual who takes this path must be ready for many challenges and rewards.

The next time you achieve something that requires a lot of effort, imagine working at that level every day, every minute of every day and then top that with the goal to be better than the day before. Then imagine competing against an entire group of people all after a similar goal and with a similar mindset. This is how a great champion approaches sport. A great champion is all in all of the time.

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