Knee surgery, the latest techniques and questions to ask

If you have worn out knees and have recently had knee surgery, reading this article should give you hope that one of the most important joints in your body can be repaired, but frustrated as so many options remain unavailable and/or very costly. If you are considering knee surgery, be prepared to ask questions regarding the type of surgery that you will receive. Perhaps even bring in a copy of Dr. Stone's article to discuss with your doctor. Having a better understanding of your surgery will help improve your outcome.

There might be many reasons that you are not getting the current state of the art techniques, some of which could relate to your surgeon’s training, others include your insurance company’s unwillingness to pay, and further, some of these newer surgeries require a longer and more focused rehab period. For example, not every patient is capable of or prepared to spend the time necessary to recover from a meniscus implant, even if it might be the best surgical choice.

While there are many factors conspiring against your ability to get the latest and greatest care, the good news is that progress is happening. Doctors are continuing to develop their surgical techniques, research is occurring, new products are being developed and eventually, the latest best practices will become commonplace.

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