David Beckham - Netflix Interview

During an interview David Beckham, one of the all time greatest soccer players was asked what he was thinking prior to a very important corner kick against Bayern Munich in the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final. At that point in the game Manchester United was down 1 - 0 in the final minutes.

His response: “Do what I did when I was a kid”. He then proceeded to kick a corner that ultimately resulted in critical goal and changed the course of the game. 

As a young child, Beckham grew up with a soccer obsessed father and a desire himself to play the game. During the interview  talked about practicing “corner, after corner, after corner” and to put it in the exact same spot consistently. His father kept him woking hard. While, he may have been naturally athletic his massive talent grew from hours and hours of play and practice. 

There is no easy way to the top. What Beckham did as a kid not only produced incredible physical skill, it built confidence that he could rely on years later. What we do every day matters and it is never too late to start the process.

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