At the age of 41 Tom Brady still has the mindset and approach of a champion

The mindset of a champion is unwavering and Tom Brady provides another perfect example of why he is the greatest quarterback of his generation. In a news conference, prior to the matchup against Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers, Brady was asked the following questions:

Do you ever in your mind wish that you could give up some of your arms for Aaron Rodgers’ legs?

Would you like to have his mobility?

To the first question he answered: “No, I don’t think about giving my arms up,”

To the second question, he answered: “I’d love to move as best as I possibly can,” - “But God gave me this body and trying to use it the best I can to help us win.”

All successful athletes have physical talent, but to become one of the greatest ever in a sport requires additional talent. This extra talent comes in the form of mindset and approach. Tom Brady is perfectly happy with the body he has and is willing to do whatever he can to prepare his body for competition. 

It sounds so simple, but his beliefs are absolute. If he were to waiver, he would not be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game. For the young reader or the aspiring athlete, Tom Brady is saying that he is perfectly happy with his body and doing everything possible to enable his body to perform at the highest level possible. That to wish for anything different would be a waste of time and would suggest a lack of self-belief and confidence. 

Tom Brady does not idolize his competitors. He strives only to be the perfect form of himself.

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