Another Tom Brady Moment

Another Tom Brady moment - Any fan of football knows that when Tom Brady’s team is behind, the game is not over until the clock says zero.

Whether or not you are a supporter of Brady or the Buccaneers, if you are a fan of sport and especially football watching Brady play is required. Like watching Michael Jordan back in the 90’s, your team might have been the Lakers or the Celtics or Detroit, but when flipping through the channels, if you came across a Bulls game you had to watch, especially if the game was close.

 Now imagine if you were on Tom Brady’s team and you were down 16 - points with 5:21 left to play in the game. Said one player Otton: “It’s so obvious he has been there before. He gives us all the confidence to know that we can do it. That the biggest thing is the belief and the confidence at the end of the game that were are going to win this thing.” Quote taken from an article by Jenna Laine ESPN Staff Writer. 

In team sports, the greatest players bring up the level of the rest of the team. Extremely talented athletes are shown another level of effort and those athletes learn to up their game. As another player in Laine's article stated: “One thing about us — especially the past few years with Tom — we just keep playing until the end because anything can happen. We’ve seen that time and time again.” Tom Brady does not quit.

Players like Tom Brady not only find ways to win, they bring their teammates up another level. Winning is contagious and in any team sport it takes a team to win the game. Who knows how many wins Tom Brady has left, but if you are a fan of sport and in particular football catching a Tampa Bay game, even if not your team is worth watching. 

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