A big win for Lindsay Vonn

In the world of international ski racing, Lindsay Vonn of the United States continues to win even as she is going through a divorce. This speaks highly of not only her fortitude, but also of her family and coaches.

People that have always been part of her life have, according to Lindsay stepped up the support level. According to news reports, she and her father are even mending their differences.

What is often lost in a champion level performance is what happens behind the scenes. We just see the event. In the case of Vonn, her main support system has been thrown into turmoil and this could easily have derailed her chances at winning. Yet she has been able to quickly turn things around and perhaps even reach a higher level of focus. Support, is a critical component to an athlete's ability to win, especially for the champion (The Champions Way).

Lindsay stated in a post race interview: "I wanted to win at home so badly. I wanted to win on a men's course. I wanted to prove to everyone here at home that I can win no matter what, under any circumstances."

All three of these quotes attest to her champion level skills. Under her personal circumstance she could have easily gone to Vail with the hope of "doing her best". A benign and meaningless statement, if winning is your goal. To then add additional pressure of wanting to win on a men's course and to then want to prove to everyone at home that she could win under any circumstances and then to have won, her place on the list of sports greatest champions just moved up a notch.

Typically, champions do not perform with the pressure of wanting to prove anything to anyone. To enter a competition with any other goal except to win, only adds additional pressure and distraction. Her record 4th win in a row at Beaver Creek was not just another win. In fact, given all of the current circumstances in her life, it might even be the top victory thus far in her career. With the continued support of her family and coaches and barring any injury, the sky remains the limit for Lindsay Vonn.

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