What is getting in your way of doing regular exercise?

We all know or should know the benefits of exercise, yet most of us are not participating in a regular exercise program. The answer that I hear most often as to why someone is not doing regular exercise relates to not having enough time.

While work and dual-income, family schedules can be quite onerous, I suggest instead to think about the best things that will happen if you were to start a regular exercise program.

By thinking of the positive the potential for starting an exercise program greatly increases. Taking a positive mindset will help you find ways to add movement to your day versus finding all of the reasons why it is not possible. We become more committed to what we voice. Thus, voicing the positive is more beneficial.

Next, keep the goals simple. For example, start by planning to go for a 15-minute walk versus stating that you want to lose 15 pounds. It is much easier to put your shoes on and go for a walk or even a run than it is to lose a specific amount of weight. There are too many variables in the weight loss equation. Chose a simple and achievable goal for the first step in changing a long-time habit or altering a busy work routine.

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