Using the sun as part of your health and fitness plan

Years ago, I read an article about leaving your toothbrush on the window sill to kill bacteria.  This study appears to confirm the reasoning behind letting the sun into your home.

As someone with fair skin and the tendency to burn,  I am that guy who sits on the beach in a swimsuit, slathered in sunscreen, under a layer of sunblocking clothing, in the shade of an umbrella and wearing a hat.  I regularly see the skin doctor, hoping that the multiple sunburns of my sun-seeking youth, aren’t resurfacing in the form of a dangerous skin condition.  However, the downside to my aversion to excessive sunlight is that I have extremely low vitamin D levels and must take a supplement. Additionally, with respect to opening blinds and enjoying the sunlight, I get worried about the sun bleaching a nice piece of furniture. 

Yet, we need the sun. Without the sun, plants would not grow, our moods would sour, temperatures would plummet and eventually, humanity would cease to exist. If you are like me, worried about skin cancer or if you are spending too much time indoors with the blinds closed to reduce the glare on your computer screen, maybe it is time to let the sunshine in? 

This article alludes to the power of nature and that in an age of extremes that once again finding balance is the best approach to navigating life. Open your windows, let in the fresh air and sunlight, but with respect to your skin,  check with your doctor. 

 [Letting Sunlight Indoors Kills Disease-Causing Bacteria : Shots - Health News : NPR](

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