The healthy living challenge

As the year comes to an end, I challenge all of my readers to do at least one thing for their health every day.

Losing weight, getting in shape or reducing excess stress all require changes to your daily routine. In general, most weight loss happens when you simply learn to eat less. For example, start the new year, by having one less desert per week or one less serving of alcohol. Then once each small success becomes a habit, add a new daily goal. 

The same goes for exercise. Start small, set your alarm to get up and move once every hour. Get up and walk around your desk, the office, the block or just stand in place and do some marching steps. Whatever you decide, make the goal achievable and safe. Also, tell your doctor that you are starting an exercise routine.

Success is achieved day by day, routine by routine. Diets can be tweaked so that you still get what you want, but just less. Alcohol can still be consumed but in smaller portions. Your fitness can be improved, even if you never step into a fitness center. Small changes make a difference and if made into a new habit means that you have succeeded.

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