The healthy environmental challenge

We can save our planet one decision at a time, preserve our health and still live the life that we enjoy.

Imagine, if each one of us purchased reusable shopping bags and then used them just one day per week. The use of plastic bags would drop significantly. What if every household only shopped on the way home from work or did not make that return trip to the store to pick up the one forgotten item. Think how much less carbon would be emitted into the air.

How many of you remember to turn the lights off every day or have your heating system controlled by timers? What if those of us who live near public transportation, but still drive to work every day used the train or bus one day per week? In total, all of these things can make a difference.

No matter our place in the economy, there are things that we can do to help the environment. If we stop buying those many small plastic items that fill our drawers, companies will make less and our landfills will have less plastic. If we focus on buying items that last longer and are recyclable we can make a difference.

Start your new year by doing one thing positive for the environment on a daily basis. More simply stated, come up with a daily plan that reduces your carbon footprint. This will make a difference for the environment and improve your health.


Happy 2019

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