Low Carb Diet

I am often asked questions about different types of diets, especially the low-carb diet plans. My response to such questions is to suggest that rather than go to the extreme, keep your diet balanced and go see a nutritionist for specific questions and a plan.

I tell my customers that with the low-carb high animal protein diets, there is generally a reduction in total calories consumed and that this is the reason for weight loss. The low carb diet does not create some kind of special physiological condition that magically and independently of portion size creates weight loss. Instead, the weight loss is due to eating less.

In the study referenced in this article, one could find many holes in the research as it was done retrospectively and our memories are generally not as good as we think. However, the “guilty by association” outcome of this study is certainly worth debating as there are negatives with animal-based calories. Personally, if basic health and fitness is your goal and you are otherwise healthy, I suggest avoiding any extreme diets and just focus on a healthy, balanced diet.

In general, I find that most people who want to lose weight are simply eating too much. While their diets might, in fact, be healthy and balanced there are extra glasses of wine or too many healthy snacks being consumed preventing weight loss from happening. For many, weight loss could result simply from cutting alcohol consumption by 50%. One glass of wine, not two……and going for a daily walk.

What is clear about weight loss is that the science is still searching for specific answers and that unless you have a known medical condition a balanced diet along with regular exercise is still the best for your overall health.

[Low-carb diets could shorten life, study suggests - BBC News](https://www.bbc.com/news/health-45195474)

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