It is okay to have a cookie or a bite of your favorite pie

The link at the bottom of this article, will take you to a Journal with an article called - Eating Clean: Unintended Consequences, by Nancy Clark

This article, by well known Nutritionist Nancy Clark is a quick read and helps put your diet in perspective. Essentially, Clark's article is a reminder that we should all look at diet from the perspective of a healthy balance and most importantly, that whatever the food source our body's basic nutrition requirements are being satisfied.  

In other words having a cookie or a few slices of a freshly baked sourdough bread just out of the oven is not going to shorten your life, cause you to gain weight or hurt your performance. What matters is that you maintain the right balance of nutrients and calories with your desired and must importantly actual activity levels. Further, if you are looking for or require some kind of special diet find a registered nutritionist to ensure that you are still getting all of the necessary nutrients and calories to maintain your weight, muscle mass and energy levels.

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