Deep Water Exercise at Swymfit®

After a recent deep water exercise class, a new member said to me “I wish that I could spend all day in the water”. 

This woman recently had back surgery and for the last few months has been doing traditional PT along with water-based PT in a therapy pool. The typical, in office PT therapy pool, is just deep enough to do some non-weight bearing water exercise but allows very little space to travel any distance. These pools are primarily designed for individual exercise during the initial post-surgery recovery phase.

At Swymfit® our deep water exercise programs allow post physical therapy back patients to take the next step and enjoy the positive feelings of a total body workout in a group setting. Our group classes focus on mobility and full body exercise while allowing every participant to still work at their own pace in a group setting.

As this customer was alluding to in her comments, the water eliminated the stress and pressure on her back allowing for pain-free movement and simultaneously improving her fitness. Fortunately, she was able to find our program for the next stage of her return to full activity. 


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