COVID 19 - Opening business - Dangers - New normal becomes normal?

Most often in life it is what we do day after day and over time that has the greatest impact on our lives.

For example, reading regularly gives us knowledge and understanding that builds throughout life. Sure, we can take a year off of work and read every book in an area of interest and learn something about a topic, but like regularly putting money in the bank, we can never get back the benefits of accumulating and compounding over time nor can we instantly benefit from years of lost reflection time on a topic.

Matters of health seem to follow a similar path. It is not the slice of apple pie with a large scoop of ice cream that you had at the picnic last weekend which has caused significant weight gain. It is what you eat and drink 7 days per week combined with a lack of regular exercise that have put on that extra weight. It is the lifelong poor diet and lack of exercise that have doubled down on the accumulation of artery clogging substances that damage the heart.

In the article below, Dr. Stone notes that the long-term impact from COVID - 19 on our body and especially on the body's of our children is unknown and requires our attention. Over the long term will it damage our children's organs or make them predisposed to some kind of cancer, like other viruses? Only time will tell.

We need to figure out the next step as the economy must start functioning and small businesses need to reopen. To do so, this may mean that the "new normal" should now be viewed as normal and that wearing a face mask and washing hands is compulsory and that when feeling sick we all avoid the tendency to still go to work. There will be some risk, as everything in life involves some kind of risk, but like a pilot having a check list to follow before taking off perhaps now we all need a daily safety checklist or an update to our current list. 

The danger for everyone is that as a group we fail to alter our behavior. Here in the USA, probably the greatest danger is the politicization of things that are painful and uncomfortable and the potential loss of rational thinking. Success is not easy and to become the very best in the world, reaching the top requires a massive effort. Beating COVID-19 and coming up with a new system for a successful economy will require an enormous effort and is absolutely necessary. Businesses must reopen. As we go down this path, wash your hands, wear a mask and if you are pre-disposed to getting sick or if you have young children your efforts at staying safe should be doubled.

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