Attitude, approach and regular exercise all influence your health

Do you feel younger than your actual age or do you feel older? The way you answer this question may directly impact your life and your mortality.

In my observations of the aging process, those who stay active and approach life with a youthful attitude live much better lives than those who choose to sit back and let life happen. Thus, while healthy aging can be measured by the amount of time that you exercise and move, it also seems that looking at life with a youthful attitude makes a difference. 

A youthful attitude does not mean reliving the immaturity and learning decisions that are part of the adolescent maturing process, but living life as if you are 10 years younger. 

Look for ways to move instead of how to sit.  Buy comfortable shoes for walking and movement versus a new expensive chair for sitting.  Attend movies, engage with friends, learn to play an instrument and if you are grouchy, then stop being grouchy. 

In most life situations, you are in charge of your attitude and how you respond to events in your life. You can be patient or impatient. Being patient is a better way to live than being impatient.  If your budget allows, you can choose to live in a 50 plus community, devoid of the sounds of children and youth and filled with your fellow “aging” compatriots or you can live in a neighborhood filled with life. 

If you are not already participating in a regular exercise program, it is time to see your doctor and get the green light for exercise. Next, teach your brain to feel younger. Relearn or learn to approach life’s challenges and day to day situations with a “can do” attitude. You might not be as old as your birthday suggests.

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