Another study on the benefits of exercise and aging.

...“If you want to do 30 to 45 minutes of walking a day, the amount of health benefit you are going to get is going to be significant and substantial,”… - Health News: NPR

As I have written about in the past and with all of the focus on saving for retirement, what are you doing with your personal fitness retirement account? 

Would you rather be 80 and active and in charge of your life and enjoy your savings? Or would you rather be slowed by the aging process and a weak body and wondering why you saved so much and worked so hard to retire?

Regular exercise along with strength training keeps you young. It helps to decrease some of the diseases and injuries normally associated with aging and it enables you to stay independent and active.

[Seniors Who Exercise Regularly May Have Younger Hearts, Muscles : Shots - Health News : NPR](

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