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Watch for my new program page and news letter for Successful Aging

Within the next month, I will have a new members page and store containing water exercise videos for knee osteoarthritis, general fitness and running. Additionally, I will have a Successful Aging news letter that will provide readers with up to date and non-biased reviews and analysis on the latest in the health and fitness research and trends with respect to Successful Aging and living well. 

Thank you for your readership and please stay tuned!

In pursuit of youth while aging

When my daughter is having a bad day or is not feeling well, I tell her to do 25 pushups and then tell me how she feels. While this has become a family joke, it is true that exercise, such as running increases endorphins and a sense of well being. Whether or not 25 pushups elicits that same physiological response as does endurance exercise is not the point. Getting your arms pumped up from doing a set of pushups feels good and feeling good is the point.

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The healthy path or the unhealthy path

When we are young it is easy to ignore the future and to live for the moment, but in those moments did you ever wonder whether or not it was that one missed workout or that one big meal that was going to set you on the path to weight gain and the associated diseases that come with excessive weight?

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Snapping, crackling or popping of the knee

I am often asked what it means when a knee makes noise during an exercise routine. If the person asking the question is exercising under my immediate guidance, I tell him or her to stop the exercise. Then, if no pain reduce the resistance, check for proper mechanics and restart the exercise and monitor at a lower intensity for a set.

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Runners - Technique and Surface matters

"Interestingly, when running is compared to walking, since you take fewer steps per mile when you run, the total amount of force that the knee sees is often less in smooth running than in walking. So technique and surfaces really do matter." Kevin Stone, MD

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