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Tiger Woods and having fun

In a recent ESPN column titled, Masters 2022: Tiger Woods adds element of joy to his game for his career’s final act, the author Kevin Van Valkenburg, Senior Writer made the statement: “He is — at long last — having fun.” I would argue that Tiger Woods had fun throughout his entire career.

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Learning from champions: Focus on yourself - not the competition

A recent article by Bill Murphy, Jr. for Inc. Magazine referenced a quote from 2000 by Jeff Bezos of Amazon. “The truth is: We are, and aspire to be, the of the Internet…” Bezos was responding to the writer David Sheff’s (Playboy Magazine) question asking whether or not Amazon hoped to become the “Wall-Mart of the internet”.

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Learning from Champions: The Champion's Way in daily life

As I continue to write about my research and the path one must follow in order to become the very best in the world of sport, in particular ski racing, it is important to also take a step back and look at our own lives. Since most of us will never be standing at the top of a race course hoping to win the World Cup slalom title or standing on the base line trying to win the US Open Tennis Championship, how do we make the champions approach to sport work in our lives?

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Learning from a champion - There is no off-season!

The 2020/2021 World Cup Ski season is now over and preparation for the next season has already started. Some athletes will go home and rest and catch up with family and friends, while others will stay on snow to test new skis for the upcoming season. Whatever an athlete decides to do, it is part of the overall plan to get ready for the opening races in October.

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Learning from champions: A golfer's search for speed

When an athlete rises to the top of his or her game and then dominates or seems to be on the path to consistently finishing in the top spot, how should the rest of the field respond? In his interview after failing to make the cut in the recent Players Championship, Rory McIlroy brings this problem to light.

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Learning from a champion - Even the very best need to improve

As I have observed critical commentary of high-level athletes over the years there seems to be, whether intended or not the implication that champion athletes who put together winning performances over and over again are not human and live without emotions. Based on my personal experience and research that implication is 100% wrong. 

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Learning from a champion - Preparation and Effort

In the current issue of Sports Illustrated(Greg Bishop, March 3, 2021) Ski Racer Mikaela Shiffrin was interviewed. It is an article worth reading for anyone interested in ski racing and her career, but more importantly for anyone interested in how the very best thrive at the top.

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