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About Dr. Steve Victorson

Dr. Steve Victorson

My natural inclination to help and teach people to achieve their health and athletic goals through improved fitness and better movement has motivated me to a lifelong study of this field.

My four years as a US Ski Team conditioning coach, more than 15 years of working with Dr. Igor Burdenko in water-based exercise, and over 14 years as the founder of Swymfit® have provided me with a wide-ranging and comprehensive background in sports and general fitness training.

My doctoral research on the factors of winning in elite alpine ski racing and my lifelong study of the effects of water-based exercise, including my research with the University of Connecticut, School of Physical Therapy, have given me a unique perspective on everyday human movement and higher level performance.

In addition to my continuous review of the latest research, I am currently engaged in a study of elite coaches and their impact on athlete performance.

Dr. Victorson received his EdD from Boston University and his BS and MS from Cal State East Bay.

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