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Movement and Aging

Maintaining mobility is critical for living an active and healthy life. Whatever your goals: skiing or playing tennis, hiking or golfing, climbing stairs or gardening, your ability to move is key.

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Injury Recovery

Regain your confidence, move pain free and return to your activities prior to having surgery.

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Sports Performance Training

Improve your performance through a program of deep water exercise and land based agility drills. Whether you are a weekend warrior, an elite athlete or a school aged sports participant you will benefit.

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When it comes to exercise, water is your friend….

Water exercise is a very effective modality and should be a part of every fitness program.

Deep water exercise allows you to:

  • Exercise with less chance of injury
  • Work harder at every level of fitness
  • Burn more calories in less time

Steve Victorson, EdD has pioneered an innovative, health club based program of deep water exercise and training. His programs include group classes, targeted personal training and sports training.

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Pickle ball is fun and a major cause of injuries

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